Sunday, March 15, 2009

Global Easy Water Products Pvt. Ltd.

Global Easy Water Products Pvt. Ltd. (GEWP) established in 2004 is a for profit company registered under Indian Companies Act 1956. GEWP is an authorised seller and distributor of the KB(Krishak Bandhu) brand of micro irrigation products developed by IDEI, Delhi. GEWP sources micro irrigation equipments from local manufactures, and sells the same using network of supply chain which includes dealers/distributors and retailers. GEWP’s strategy is to leverage rural market forces. The company sources from local manufacturers, uses a network of independent retail dealers, and builds expertise in local technicians to ensure the final product reaches the smallholder farmer.
KB brand drip irrigation laterals are useful for the crops like-vegetables, cotton, sugarcane and horticulture. KB micro sprinklers are suitable for close spacing crops like onion, ginger, garlic and fodder. These systems are very easy to install and maintenance also is very easy. Thousands of farmers are using KB drip & sprinklers in various crops across India & abroad

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