Friday, November 28, 2008

DesiCrew - a rural BPO

DesiCrew is a unique BPO service provider whose philosophy envisions a win-win situation between urban clients and the rural workforce of India. By 2008, an estimated 100,000 villages in India would have Internet kiosks. Given that ICT infrastructure is now available in rural areas and basic computer literacy is growing, DesiCrew is today building a new outsourcing model to provide employment in rural India with a strong social objective. The business model developed by DesiCrew not only utilizes the power of Information Technology to provide quality and cost effective solutions to clients, but also pays close attention to a social agenda.

Pot-in-Pot technology for preservation

Farmers and small vendors doesn't get a fair return on their efforts because of many reasons. Spoilage and lack of preservation facilities is one among them. Every year many farmers all over India, due to lack of proper preservation systems, sell their produce at throw-away prices. Pot-in-pot is an innovative solution consisting of two earthenware pots of different diameters, one placed inside the other. The space between the two pots is filled with wet sand that is kept constantly moist, thereby keeping both pots damp.

Q-Drum water carrier

India is still suffering from water scarcity and transportation problems. In many parts of India people specially women and children have to travel a long distance to get water for their houses. Q-Drum is an affordable solution for this problem. The idea of Q-Drum originated in response to the needs of rural communities for clean and portable water. This is not very common in India but has a great potential to impact millions of lives in rural India.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Conference on Social Entrepreneurship
Vanue: Dakshinachitra, Chennai
Date: 4-5 Dec, 2008

The programme is broadly categorised under two themes:
a)Macro perspectives on social entrepreneurship - featuring talks, panels, interview, and
b)Tools to build an efficient organisation - featuring workshops

TOOLBOX - an Introduction

TOOLBOX is an initiative to share knowledge and different experience on sustainable and social development. It will share problems and issues that demands urgent solutions. This is an interactive and knowledge sharing platform where efforts will be taken to bridge the knowledge gap between a solution seeker to a solution provider. It will also help genuine people in the development and related sector to build network. TOOLBOX will keep you awake by posting informative and motivational articles, links and videos. It will also keep you updated on events related to social development. Prioratisation and contextualization are the two key principles of TOOLBOX. So open your toolbox today and find solutions for some of the problems that seeks your involvement.