Friday, January 30, 2009

The 5th Young Indians National Summit 09, 14-15 Feb, Hyderabad

It is the young now who have the most vital role in paradigm shifting, be it micro finance, pre-primary and primary education, health care, sustainable agriculture, and self-governance. A vocal and participative young India can help to build a vibrant economy, strong government, and common cultural identity. The choices need to be made today for India to "March Forward" to the goal post of India @ 75 and beyond and this Summit is a wake up call for all of us who desire for a better India of tomorrow.

Make your choice NOW!

CEO Forum 09, 4th Feb, Delhi

It is the most popular feature of DSDS. The CEO Forum will focus on the theme ‘Climate Change: perspective from the change makers in business’. It will review issues and address the challenges businesses are likely to face due to climate change. Focus will be on ‘how’ and ‘why’ green is good. Business opportunities in the emerging scenario will be examined. Action on energy efficiency, introduction of clean technologies, finance, insurance, changes in business lifestyles, and host of other unexplored areas will be discussed in this forum.